K9AY Loop Arrays

--- Dedicated to low-band receiving antenna design using arrays of K9AY loops ---

Details of the original triangular terminated loop design by Gary Breed (K9AY) can be found through the following links:

          Original K9AY Loop Design [1]

          Original QST Article [2]

In my location with poor ground conditions, the K9AY loop seems to offer the best performance.  This site discusses the design and implementation of 2- and 3- and 4- element endfire arrays of K9AY loops.  Design of these arrays focuses on optimization of the Receiving Directivity Factor or RDF attributed to W8JI (See the Low-Band DXing book by ON4UN).

As with most multi-element arrays, addition of the second element makes the
largest improvement in performance, approximately 3 dB.  The addition of a 3rd and 4th element each improves the RDF by approximately 2 more dB.

     EZNEC Single Loop Simulation File

     EZNEC 2EL Array Simulation File

A two-element controller is available from HiZ Antennas [3]. 

A two-element adjustable phased array system is available from Wellbrook Communications [4].

     EZNEC 3EL Array Simulation File

     EZNEC 4EL Array Simulation File

     EZNEC 4 SQ Array Simulation File


Design design details can be found on the K9AY Loop Array page.

You can contact Dick at:


2. Gary Breed, K9AY, "The K9AY Terminated Loop - A Compact, Directional Receiving   Antenna," QST, pp. 43-46, September 1997.

3. Hi-Z Antennas by Lee Strahan, K7TJR and Dick Ewing, KO7N:

4. Wellbrook Communications, The Wellbrook K9AY Phased Array 500 kHz, to 2 MHz:

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Dick was first licensed as KN4IQJ in the summer of 1959 and upgraded a few months later. He is primarily a CW operator who enjoys chasing DX and operating in contests, particularly on the low bands. He has worked 352 countries, is on top of the SSB/Mixed Honor Rolls, needs only P5 on CW, and has competed CQ 5BWAZ. He has worked 264 countries and 38 zones on 160M and 313 countries on 80M.

Over the years he has operated as:
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K4IQJ/BV 1995, 1993, 1991
VS6/K4IQJ 1993
W2HSF 1974-1976

QSLs for all these operations should be sent to K4IQJ direct or via the bureau.
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